Wash & Repair

We are happy to wash and/or repair hand-made and machine-made rugs. The cost of the wash and/or repair is determined on a piece by piece basis, so we will need to see the rug to give you a quote. We can also advise you on the best wash method for your rug if you have questions.
Please call our shops Melbourne 03 9388 0099, Sydney 02 9555 9095.


Need your rug evaluated? You may need a certificate of worth to lodge with your insurance company or you may wan to sell your rug or you need an estate valued. We can do this for you. We need to see the item to do this and you can bring your goods to one of our shops or call and arrange with us. Cost for this service one certificate = $50, two certificates = $90,  three certificates = $120, more than four = $35 per certificate.

Insurance Claims

In the unfortunate event of fire, flood or theft of their rugs we have helped many people. Experience matters when you need to make an insurance claim.
We can verify the value of goods lost and issue certificates of value based on the information you give us and any receipts or photos.
Call us to discuss how we can help.