What is a hand made rug? A good hand-made rug is a great asset, it’s a beautiful and inviting piece of furniture. Good hand-made rugs last a lifetime and wash and wear very, very well. Rugs stay in the family and become reminders of all the good times had. Rugs travel and are passed on from generation to generation and from period to modern, to work, they are very adaptable.

When is Empress Rug Warehouse open?
Every day 9am – 5pm,
362 Lygon St, Brunswick East, Melbourne 03 9388 0099
32 Victoria Rd, Rozelle, Sydney 02 9555 9095.

Where are our rugs made? We source most of our hand made rugs from Iran and Afghanistan. We also have rugs from India, Nepal and Kashmir.

Why buy a good hand-made rug? Because it is a great product and great value. Because it looks great, feels better than great and it is a carefree product. A good rug will enrich your space and give you a lot of satisfaction If you enjoy good quality design and craft and if you like natural materials and dyes then you will appreciate a good hand made rug.

Who buys our product? Everyone. We have sold to mums and dads decorating for children and pets, to professionals for their office, to students who want to make their share house feel like home, we have sold to fashion designers, to Victoria’s Government House, to ultra contemporary homes to period homes under restoration, to well known entertainers, sports people and politicians. Everyone.

Materials Hand made – 100% wool, cotton and/or silk, all hand-made rugs use one or more of these materials. Most machine-made are synthetic, we do occasionally have woolen machine made goods.

Ethical rug weaving. Our rugs come from people who have been weaving for many generations, it is most often a cottage industry and employees a lot of women who work from home, we believe it is a sound and fair work arrangement. The Nasre family, owners of Empress Rug Warehouse, have designed and woven rugs themselves in Isfahan, Iran and have direct connections to the weavers today and are confident in the production methods and are proud to be part of this great craft tradition.

Guarantee. All our goods are fully guaranteed, we sell new and used hand-made rugs and only new machine-made rugs. Purchases may be exchanged within two weeks for equal or greater value provided the product is in the same condition that it left our warehouse. You will be able to return the product and once it is signed back into our stock you will have a credit with Empress Rug Warehouse for a minimum period of twelve months. For all purchased hand-made rugs we will provide a certificate of authenticity upon request.

New, aged, antique, collectable? Good hand-made rugs always have value. Rugs are sold and re-sold and some become antiques and collectors items, we carry all these from very finely knotted and designed to more chunky, bold tribals. decorate your home with something special, transforming.

Question? If you have any questions please all us on 03 9833 0099 7 days a week 9-5pm.