Empress Rug Warehouse is a family owned business.

The Nasre family own this business and they were Persian carpet designers, weavers and retailers in Isfahan, Iran for many generations. The first shop in Australia was in Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Melbourne and we have had shops in Melbourne and Sydney in various locations for the past 18 years.

Empress has rugs and runners, cushions, saddlebags and more, traditional and modern rugs in all sizes, doormats to massive room sizes, runners to any length.

Hand-made rugs are sustainable rugs being made from natural wool, cotton and silk, it is a cottage industry that has evolved over thousands of years and very often is the means of independence for the weavers, we are happy be part of the great tradition. We buy from the source and we buy the best. Purchase with confidence and ask for a certificate of authenticity. If you have any questions or need advice we are very happy to help.

Thanks for visiting, come to our showrooms in Melbourne & Sydney to see much more.

Services and Deals:


If you are interested in working with Empress Rugs please email enquiries@www.empressrugs.com.au. If you are in business, think you can sell our goods, want to hire our goods, have a good idea how we might work together please get in touch.