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Empress Rug Warehouse sources and imports hand-made and machine-made rugs. Our extensive collection includes tribal, traditional and contemporary rugs and runners, as well as kilims, cushions and stools.

We stock a full range of rugs from the finest quality to bargain priced rugs, including Iranian rugs, Persian rugs and Afghan rugs. Select from new and used – some of our best rugs are very old and full of character. Our rugs are fully guaranteed, and we also wash and repair hand-made and machine-made rugs. Whether you are a home decorator, stylist or collector, we can help you find the perfect rug to purchase or hire. Our rental option is ideal for photo shoots and events. The experienced and passionate team at Empress Rug Warehouse can provide professional, friendly advice and help find the right rug for you. With such a large collection of rugs in stock, you’ll be able to choose from tribal, urban, formal, casual, unusual and classic designs. Whether you are looking for a rug with splashes of colour to make a bold statement or simpler colours and patterns to create mood and texture, our experts will help you find the perfect rug, runner, kilim, cushion or stool. Visit our warehouse in Sydney or Melbourne, or shop online. Empress Rugs delivers Australia-wide.

“Growing up in Isfahan, Iran, I was surrounded by rugs. My father designed and commissioned very fine rugs and my mother was one of the experienced weavers who wove such rugs. So, as a child I developed a great appreciation for the skills involved in producing such a beautiful product. It takes highly skilled craftspeople to make very fine wool and silk rugs – to spin, to dye, to set up looms and to design and weave.
Before moving to Australia, I lived in England, Dubai and Japan. I have seen rugs used with many different styles of architecture and for many different purposes.
– Director, Empress Rug Warehouse, est. 1997

A good rug will last for many years. There is nothing like a rug to give comfort and enrich a room. You deserve the best. Buy well now and enjoy forever.

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